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Best Tweets of #PrimeDayFail 2018

Perhaps the thing I admire the most about Amazon is that they are constantly trying new things. Of course, some of these things fail and others are massively successful. When something doesn’t work out, they learn from it. One of my favorite quotes is from Jeff Bezos himself which is “Failure and innovation are inseparable twins”.

In 2015, Amazon PrimeDay launched. It was a disaster. The deals were terrible. Think soap on a rope style items. Over the years, it has gotten better, and it’s so popular now that many large companies have sales the same day, generally the third Monday of July. That brings us to #PrimeDayFail2018.

Best Tweets of #PrimeDayFail 2018

What went wrong in 2018? People rushed to Amazon to make impulse purchases. Everyone tried to checkout at once, and the servers couldn’t handle it. Of course, users took to Twitter to express their disappointment or make silly jokes. As the day went on and the instapots sold out, people grew angrier and angrier.

This TV is a good deal though:

Here are some of the funniest tweets from PrimeDay 2018 users who couldn’t checkout.


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